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Aneeshwar Kunchala

I am 9 and I enjoy my time outdoors spotting birds. I wonder how the birds are related to my favourite DINOSAURS!!!

My beautiful world was shattered when my teacher showed  the picture of a whale died due to plastic pollution!! I thought I need to help these amazing creatures which are impacted by us.

Every animal has its own special super power, I believe and I hope you are agree. I think we humans have super powers too, we are SMART!! What if we are kind enough and respect the nature, the way it is, and learn to coexist, rather than destroying it!!

I am on a mission to create the awareness about the beauty of wildlife, no matter how small/big, strong/weak they are. They are doing their part, helping the planet in some way or the other.

Using my art, poems, and documentaries, I hope I can make a difference by bringing more children in to the area of conservation as it is very important and at the same time IT'S LOTS OF FUN!!

You can find my wildlife documentaries here

My Journey...

January, 2024

December, 2023

Key not speech at DNB Mobility and Monkey forest , UK

September, 2023

February, 2024

January, 2024

Explored Southern part of India's Wildlife at Koundinya Forest and Nelapattu nature reserve

October, 2023

Key not speech at Amsterdam business forum 
and Chester Zoo Youth Symposium, UK

Arctic expedition for Sky Kids Documentary - Save Our Wildlife which will be released on 09th  October

August, 2023

My Art Exhibition at Warrington Museum as part of "Wake me up before you dodo"

August, 2023

Steve and Aneeshwar Go Wild - series is telecasted on BBC - Cbeebiees

July, 2023

Travel to Kennedy Centre for Reach to Forest festival

April, 2023

Soil Association

Motivated children and adults in the community with my resources -Get Growing with your Community programme

April, 2023

Special Achievement Award by

Warrington Guardian

Aneeshwar's Animal of the Week - Weekly Journaling for First News

May, 2023

Attended King Charles III - Coronation - Big Lunch at 10 Downing Street. Met UK Prime Minister and Jill Biden.

April, 2023

Visit to WHITE HOUSE, capitol, WWF Headquarters

April, 2023

My first International Exhibition, Keynote speaking and panel discussion with the youth poet at Kennedy Centre, Washington DC

March, 2023

February , 2023

First time ever presenting an award for schools The Climate Coalation - Green Heros Awards at UK Parliament

February , 2023

BBC Teach

March, 2023

My story was featured in

Natural History Museum - Wild World Magazine

March, 2023

Youngest ever to host

Americas Got Talent- All stars Red carpet

February , 2023

Album recording of my poems by Apple Music, Listening Planet & Platoon

Dream come true - Received a letter from

Sir David Attenborough recognising my work

February , 2023

First ever underwater dive experience

January , 2023

February , 2023

Scouts has featured my story

January , 2023

Americas Got Talent - All Stars

First ever conservation poem in AGT - All Stars

December , 2022


Youngest Documentary Presenter

November , 2022


Bird Watching in California, North America

Humming Birds, American Robin, Peregrine Falcon, White crowned sparrows

October , 2022

Key Note to World Business Leaders at Nordic and Oslo

August , 2022


First Bird Watching in Asia - India & UAE

Weaver bird, Tailor bird, Fantail, White throated Kingfisher, Bulbul, Bee eaters, Myna, Jungle babler

August , 2022


Key Note at Childrens Media Conference

July , 2022


STEVE BACKSHALL and doing an intro in one of his live shows - 'OCEANS'

 May , 2022

Primary School Pupil Of The Year Award

November , 2021

UK's 1729 Points Of Light Recipient

Young Conservationist Climate Leader

July , 2021

Special Guest for RSPB Nature and Climate Event

along with RSPB CEO Rebecca Speight and other international leaders at Nature and Climate – the Science, Policy and Practice Leadership and ambition for nature and climate in 2021 and beyond

June , 2021

One of the 5 British Role Models - H&M Campaign

June , 2021


Highly Commendable

April , 2021

BBC Breakfast

Meeting my Hero Steve Backshall Virtually for the first time

March, 2021

Lockdown Hero 2021 - Animal Star Awards (Winner)


April , 2022

November , 2022

First time Guest Co-hosting for BBC Blue Peter on Wildlife special episode along with Steve Backshall

Ambassador for "All About Soil"

Partnered with The Soil Assosiation and Food for Life and demonstrated an experiment about the imporance of soil to school children

November , 2022

Meet the expert for Cbeebies Teeny Tiny Creatures Season 3 episode 1

November , 2022

First Documentary as Lead Presenter

COP27 - Six Ways To Change The Planet for United Nations presented by Sky Kids

October , 2022

British Citizen Youth Award (BcYA)

Honourned at the Palace of Westminister by Dame Mary Perkins

Best Hero Award from Best Magazine

September , 2022


August , 2022

First Wildlife Documentary in India, Asia

"Weaver birds"

July , 2022


BBC Blue Peter Gardens has invited to present the Blue Peter Gardens

May , 2022

Ambassador for UK Wild Otter Trust

April , 2022

Britains Got Talent (BGT) 2022 Season 15

Took conservation to Worlds Biggest entertainment platform through my poems and reached finals in 7th place

 March , 2022

Country File

Plant Britain with Matt Baker

September , 2021

Scientific Exploration Society Honorary Award

The Young scientific Explorer 2021 by SES

July , 2021

Started to Present Soil and Plant Science Videos

June , 2021

Ambassador for Cheshire Wildlife Trust

30 day Wild Chanllenge

May , 2021

World Curlew Day 2021 - Art and Poetry Competition - Winner

March, 2021

Featured in BBC Nort West

as one of the Countries Youngest Conservationist

March, 2021