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Primary School Pupil Of The Year Winner

Aneeshwar Kunchala won Primary School Pupil of the Year in the Warrington Guardian Education Awards

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Global Child Prodigy

Among the 1000's of applications submitted from 68 countries across the world, Aneeshwars work has made to the Global Child Prodigies Award 2022 

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2021 SES Young Scientific Explorer

Aneeshwar wants to be a conservationist and is hoping to change the world through his YouTube videos and paintings.
His dream is to film a documentary about Rainforest and Orca whales along with his hero Steve Backshall. He has already created a number of short documentaries to raise awareness and protect wildlife, from plastic pollution to deforestation. He was inspired to start making the videos after watching conservationists like Steve and Sir David Attenborough on television. 

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Points of light award - 

Young Conservationist Climate Leader

1729. Aneeshwar Kunchala

Aneeshwar Kunchala, aged 6, from Warrington, is a schoolboy and budding documentary maker who has created a social enterprise through his YouTube channel to promote the protection of wildlife from plastic pollution and deforestation, and raise awareness for hundreds of other young people about nature.

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Environmental Hero 2021- Highly Commendable

Aneeshwar is chosen as Environmental Hero 2021 - Highly commendable by Warrington Gaurdian

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Lockdown Hero 2021 By Animal Star Awards - UK (Winner)

Aneeshwar won week 8 lockdown hero award and was chosen as the winner of the overall Lockdown Hero Awards category. 

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World Curlew Day 2021 Art & Poetry Competition - (Winner)

Aneeshwar won the art competition organized by (Under 16 category)

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