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ISPA Award (International Society for the Performing Arts)

2024 Celebrating Our Planet Award:

The Celebrating Our Planet Award recognizes excellence and/or innovation with respect to creating, presenting, and or touring the performing arts in a climate friendly, sustainable manner. This new award recognizes the initiative(s) of an ISPA member or a member of the community as a whole.

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Climate Change Voice of the Year Award 2023

Climate action is critical to a sustainable future and we want to recognize every voice lending their support towards the protection of Earth. This award recognizes such a young achiever who has inspired collective climate action for a larger impact.

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Guinness World Record 2023

Youngest documentary presenter (male):
COP27: Six Ways To Save The Planet released on Sky Kids on 5th Nov 2022. A special Sky Kids film from the makers of FYI. Six children from six continents set out to explore and demonstrate solutions to the huge problems facing our planet. Presented by Aneeshwar Kunchala, from Britain’s Got Talent.
Six children from six continents joined Aneeshwar to help provide the perspective of their own countries and propose solutions to the environmental problems facing the world.

For more details:

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The Warrington Guardian Inspiration Award 2023

Special Achievement Award Winner:
A glittering ceremony marked the eighth annual Warrington Guardian Inspiration Awards at The Village Hotel with a dozen awards handed out to people who have made a difference in our town.

Judges honoured top teachers and charity champions as well as community heroes and sporting stars

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British Citizen Youth Award - 2022

Aneeshwar was presented his BCyA Medal of Honour at The Palace of Westminster by Dame Mary Perkins who is founder of Specsavers and a patron of The British Citizen Awards. Aneeshwar Kunchala received the award for his contributions to the Natural world, Climate Change and Sustainability to the local community. 

For more details:

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Global Child Prodigy Award - 2022

GCP Awards is the world’s first and only child prodigy initiative that recognizes Top 100 Child Prodigies around the globe each year from various verticals. Aneeshwar has received the award in Environmental catogory. Aneeshwar's first International Award received in Dubai. 

For more details:

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Best Heroes Award 2022

This award recognises a person of any age who has done outstanding work for the environment in a voluntary capacity.

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Blue Peter Gold Badge - 2021

The Gold badge is the highest award in the BBC - Blue Peter family and they are very rare indeed. Each year only a very small number of badges are awarded to recognise and celebrate exceptional outstanding achievements. 
Blue Peter team has recognised Aneeshwar's conservation efforts and awarded with a Gold badge. Now Aneeshwar joins - Sir David Attenborough, Naturalist Steve Backshall  and Greta Thunberg. 

For more details:

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Points of light award - 2021
Young Conservationist Climate Leader
1729. Aneeshwar Kunchala

Aneeshwar Kunchala, aged 6, from Warrington, is a schoolboy and budding documentary maker who has created a social enterprise through his YouTube channel to promote the protection of wildlife from plastic pollution and deforestation, and raise awareness for hundreds of other young people about nature.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“I was inspired to learn about your wildlife documentaries, bringing your passion for conservation to your thousands of followers. I was pleased to see that your passions have led you to meet your hero, Steve Backshall, too! “As we look forward to COP26, I am delighted to recognise you as a young climate leader who is helping to make the UK greener and cleaner.”

For more details:

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SES Young Scientific Explorer - 2021

Aneeshwar wants to be a conservationist and is hoping to change the world through his YouTube videos and paintings.
His dream is to film a documentary about Rainforest and Orca whales along with his hero Steve Backshall. He has already created a number of short documentaries to raise awareness and protect wildlife, from plastic pollution to deforestation. He was inspired to start making the videos after watching conservationists like Steve and Sir David Attenborough on television. 

For more details:

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Primary School Pupil Of The Year Winner - 2022


Aneeshwar Kunchala won Primary School Pupil of the Year in the Warrington Guardian Education Awards. for all the contributions to the natural world. He would like to inspire children around the world and bring all next generation in to the conservation. Aneeshwar started his wildlife documentaries when he was 5 years old and continued to spread the word of conservation around the world. 

Aneeshwar jumped with excitement when he found out he had won a Warrington Guardian Education Award.“Aneeshwar, I saw you jump up with joy. Tell us what it means to win this award,” said awards host Elaine Willcox. The seven-year-old said: “Oh it is great, I can’t believe it. I just can’t believe that I won. I am just so happy, I could just jump up in delight.”

for more details:

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One of the 5 British role Models - H&M Campaign - 2021

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Environmental Hero 2021- Highly Commendable

Aneeshwar is chosen as Environmental Hero 2021 - Highly commendable by Warrington Gaurdian

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Lockdown Hero 2021 By Animal Star Awards - UK (Winner)

Aneeshwar won week 8 lockdown hero award and was chosen as the winner of the overall Lockdown Hero Awards category. 

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World Curlew Day 2021 Art & Poetry Competition - (Winner)

Aneeshwar won the art competition organized by (Under 16 category)

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