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Quit plastic 360 - Aneesh & his friends

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

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Paper or Plastic - Small changes to our choices today, will decide our tomorrow

Powerful questions enables us to think in different ways and might even change us for life. One such question was "Whats your choice - A trusty bike or a classic car" from Dr Andrew Fleming.

"I think bike is better as it uses pedal power and it does not pollute the environment" - Aneesh said.

The discussion progressed and we spoke about plastic usage in our daily life. Aneesh said "Plastic is not good for underwater creatures and at school I saw a picture of a whale eaten lots of plastic and died on the beach". Aneesh was deeply moved by the scene. Thanks to his teachers for inculcating it in his mind.

The discussion led to "Quit plastic 360 - Aneesh & his friends" campaign and we have pledged to reduce plastic from 16th Sep, 2020. What other day can be better than "International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer" to start campaigning for such a good cause!!

In this campaign, we are encouraging more people to join us and reduce/stop using single use plastic which can not be reused/recycled and make wise choices where possible.

To register please see the event page-

For updates please follow our Facebook page-

Please join us and lets make our planet a better place!!

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