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Regee - the Robin

Aneeshwar could not control his excitement, when he saw Robins nest in our garden. How could he!! Aneesh and his dad have been making some temporary bird nests with coconut shells, for the birds to pick hay to build their cozy nests. It was a dream come true for Aneesh when we spotted Robins nest with 5 beautiful eggs.

Every day Aneesh would peek to see if the babies are hatched!! We even fixed Gopro to capture some beautiful moments.

Here are some beautiful pictures of the Robins nest and the nestlings.

All the birds flew away in couple of weeks, but see who is back to pay a visit. Aneesh has spotted one of the babies in our garden , just learning to fly, we took it home and it stayed for about an hour. Aneesh called her Regee!!

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