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"The Butterfly" - My first story

The Butterfly - Story told and Illustrated by Aneeshwar

Once upon a time there was a crunching munching caterpillar, He saw a butterfly.

Caterpillar said, "Hello Butterfly".

Butterfly replied, "Hello son Caterpillar"

The Caterpillar was surprised and said, "ha… I am not your son, I don’t even look like you ! Look at that baby and Mummy bird. They are the same. Look at those tadpoles, they turn into big tadpoles and they will swim in the pond".

Butterfly said "No son, some animals won’t be like that. They won’t turn into big tadpoles.

They turn into frogs and they hop on to the land and from one pond to another and finally they lay eggs. That’s called life cycle. I am actually your Mom. So, after a few days you will turn into a Chrysalis and then you emerge to be a butterfly just like me".

After a few days that happened.

The End.

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